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Woman receiving a Spa Facial
Janet Portenga, Spa Owner

“I have done this DNA analysis and the results were helpful for selecting products for me. I recommend all of my clients consider having their skin DNA analyzed. It’s very…
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Samantha Roberts, Master Aesthetician
Samantha Roberts, Master Aesthetician

“This is a very exciting concept for addressing skin concerns, a little investment can tell you so much about why your skin behaves the way it does, and how it…
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~ Sejal Patel, PharMD, Founder & CEO, Plantkos®
Sejal Patel, PharMD, Founder & CEO, Plantkos®

A targeted approach ultimately leads to better outcomes, and that’s what we want to do in skincare! Understanding the why and how something is happening provides a better roadmap to…
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Indian woman with glasses
Tanya Williams, 42

Yudoyu has helped me make BETTER purchasing choices for my super sensitive, combination skin. Now, my skin looks dewy soft, and bright instead of irritated and shiny.


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