Happier Healthier Skin



Claire McCormack, Editor for Beauty Independent

“Data – for better or worse – is invaluable. Everyone wants to see the science and there is no denying your own DNA. Consumers are more educated than ever and…
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Chris Duper, Social Worker

“Wow, this analysis is easy and has saved valuable time in my hectic schedule. I don’t have time to shop for skincare, let alone do in-depth research and read oodles…
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Willie Height, Retired Professional

“My analysis revealed important things I did not know about my skin. Finally, something that considers both my biology and the hot and cold Chicago weather.”

Janet Portenga, Spa Owner

“I have done this DNA analysis and the results were helpful for selecting products for me. I recommend all of my clients consider having their skin DNA analyzed. It’s very…
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Stefan Mazy, Founder of SkinDNA®

“Your DNA is responsible for around 50% of the way your skin will age – the rest is up to you. If you are eager to understand what role your…
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Samantha Roberts, Master Aesthetician

“This is a very exciting concept for addressing skin concerns, a little investment can tell you so much about why your skin behaves the way it does, and how it…
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Sejal Patel, PharMD, Founder & CEO, Plantkos®

A targeted approach ultimately leads to better outcomes, and that’s what we want to do in skincare! Understanding the why and how something is happening provides a better roadmap to…
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Tanya Williams, 42

Yudoyu has helped me make BETTER purchasing choices for my super sensitive, combination skin. Now, my skin looks dewy soft, and bright instead of irritated and shiny.

Rebecca, Customer

The products chosen for me in my Yudoyu® quiz are amazing. The combination of the Aavrani Purifying Oil Cleanser and Firming Vitamin C Treatment really livened up my skin tone…
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Julie Keller Callaghan, Co-Founder of Well Defined

“Most people are unsure of their skin’s needs, this is a great way to be educated about what will REALLY help your skin.”