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Skincare Ingredients
Brandon, Director for a Global Ingredient Manufacturer

“I really like that Yudoyu simplifies making product decisions using real data vs. claims.”

Hispanic woman with the lake behind her smiling
Christine Gonzalez, Mom and E-education Expert, Chicago

“Fantastic, I love that this is my body telling me what products are best for keeping my skin healthy.”

Kelsey Fraser, 34

I learned much from my DNA test, including that my skin is prone to hyperpigmentation due to a gene variation. After the birth of my son, I started to notice…
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Maya Crothers, Founder, Circell Skincare
Maya Crothers, Founder, Circcell Skincare

“Yudoyu is changing the way people shop for skincare. Clear and concise recommendations based on someone’s DNA coupled with their lifestyle will take the guesswork out of picking products. It’s…
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