You have your own skin equation.

Your DNA is a piece of that equation! Knowing your skin’s core tendencies can help you understand and care for your skin better.

Strand of DNA

Genetic Markers

DNA research has discovered 16 core genetic markers that play a significant role in skin protection and premature aging, influencing future outcomes for our skin.

A montage showing several skin differences.

Genetic Variations

One tiny variation can make you taller, change your eye color, or put you at a higher (or lower) risk for a health condition. Humans have more than 10 million possible genetic variations.

Not Younger…MORE Confident

There is no need to fight your skin’s natural aging process. Yudoyu empowers you to nourish and care for your skin better, embracing a healthy, beautiful, and vibrant complexion at any age.

Learn more about the 6 skin health categories

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Young woman dealing with skin sensitivity

Skin Sensitivity

What is your skin’s sensitivity to allergens, pollution, chemicals, toxins, foods, and even stressors like the weather?

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Young woman with dull broken out skin

Free Radical Defense

How well does your body produce antioxidants to defend your skin from free radical exposure due to lifestyle and environmental stressors.

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Glycation on a confident older woman

Glycation Wrinkling

How well does your body handle glycation due to excess sugar in your bloodstream? If you have a poor processing ability you may be more prone to wrinkling.

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Our mission is to simplify skincare with easy-to-understand recommendations and guidance and empower you to care for your skin better.

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