Glycation on a confident older woman

1 in 2 people has reduced protection against Glycation, which binds collagen and elastin fibers, forming chemical bridges that cause some signs of aging, such as wrinkling. This results in:

  • Glucose bonding collagen and elastin together
  • Decreased skin elasticity
  • Stiffened collagen fibers
  • Weakened connection between the epidermis and dermis

Gene Marker Responsible for Glycation Wrinkling

  • Glycation Interruption
    Controls serum glucose levels, and energy intake and release

You might notice:

  • Upper lip and chin lines

  • Vertical lines across cheeks

  • Fine lines, uneven skin texture

  • Rough surface area

  • Leathery or crepe-looking skin

  • Eye area dryness and lines

  • Slower skin healing

The good news is that simple lifestyle changes, and skincare products with helpful ingredients can plump, nourish and even repair some damage due to imbalanced serum glucose levels.