Taking care of yourself, accepting your appearance, and living without shame. 

By Teresa Smith, Co-Founder, Yudoyu®

Yes, it’s true; despite our culture’s pronouncement to embrace diversity, there are still active biases and fears regarding beauty and aging. FHE Health states, “Advertising, celebrities, and social media all contribute to the message that we must look a certain way to be considered beautiful. The barrage of images we’re bombarded with daily profoundly affects how we see ourselves and others.” Our preoccupation with staying young and beautiful can rob us of our confidence and of fully experiencing life. This, in turn, robs others of experiencing the FULLNESS of who we are. 

At age 56, I am sometimes surprised to catch an image of myself in a photograph or mirror and get struck with the notion I don’t look as young or pretty as I would like. I remember experiencing a similar let-down feeling even when I was very young. “Not pretty enough. Not fit enough. Strange hair. Not fashionable enough…” and eventually, “not looking young enough.” This insecurity that drives us to unrealistic expectations of perfection can be crippling. Throw in the natural process of aging, mixed with the lie of social filters and commercial influence, and we have the crippling storm of toxic beauty standards – socially constructed notions of ideal beauty.

This notion has particularly impacted tweens through young adults in their 20s. As the first generation to grow up on social media, Gen Z is experiencing even more societal pressure than previous generations to achieve unattainable standards. As a result, Gen Z’s focus on preventative wellness solutions – including combating future skin aging – is driving people to dabble in skincare products, facials, and, as of late, “preventive” injections of botox and fillers at a younger age.

Skincare companies are asked to examine their culpability. Admittedly, it is challenging to promote skin health products away from the subject of beauty, and everyone has the right and freedom to pursue feeling better about themselves in their way – without judgment. Yudoyu® hopes to continue our message of acceptance and individual value: Every face has a beauty unaffected by age. There is no one “right way” to embrace life’s journey. Wrinkles are memories. You, your parents, your grandparents, and your children are of priceless value, as they are and in their unique appearance.


I stumbled upon this beautiful interview between actress Andie Macdowell and Katie Curic, discussing beauty and aging. There is so much to love about this video and Andie’s point of view of simply being where and who you are.

 “I want to be old. I’ve already been young.”

Andie is a successful actress and spokesmodel, so it’s easy to think, “Easy for her to say.” But is it? We are much harder on ourselves than others are on us. 

There is much magic in giving up the pursuit of perfection and choosing not to “keep up with the Joneses.” What would the world look like if we could all be present in ourselves and each other without masks and without striving for constant improvement? THAT WOULD BE BEAUTIFUL!

Confident NOT Perfect! Address your current and FUTURE Skin Health

When your skin feels healthy, you feel more confident.

Yudoyu® is an opportunity to really KNOW your skin, freeing you from the guesswork and preoccupation of current or future skin concerns. We help you identify risk areas, and take a proactive approach to better skin health, which leads to better skin confidence. Dedicated time to self-care rituals that nourish your body, mind, and soul. Whether it’s through skincare routines, prayer, exercise, or hobbies, prioritize activities that make you feel rejuvenated and fulfilled.

Once you know your skin, how do you respond?

It is essential to say that there is nothing wrong with using Botox or fillers to improve a physical attribute that is making you self-conscious. They are a great way to quickly reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles or plump areas that look loose or have poor texture. But don’t be led to believe that they can have long-term, lasting benefits for biological skin health or that they will improve an underlying self-image issue. 

I believe younger people (who already have robust collagen production) are being misled into thinking that early Botox injections can prevent future wrinkles. There is not enough clinical research to support that claim. Certain topical ingredients are unnecessary for younger people and could damage their skin’s natural microbiome. If you are under 15 or 16, a gentle cleanser and a daily SPF are all you need for your skincare.

My preference is to focus on overall skin health and prioritize my emotional wellness for dealing with cultural pressures.* The fantastic thing about skincare focused on nourishment is the longer-term and PREVENTATIVE approach of topical and dietary ingredients. This results in overall better health, a natural glow, and a more energized appearance (regardless of age).

Compare and decide what is best for YU!

  1. Purpose:

    • Antioxidants, peptides, and exfoliants in topical skincare primarily focus on preventing and addressing signs of skin weakening related to environmental damage and oxidative stress, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness.
    • Botox and fillers target specific concerns related to muscle movement and volume loss, providing more immediate and dramatic results in reducing wrinkles and restoring facial contours.
  2. Speed and Intensity of Results:

    • Topical ingredients offer lasting, gradual, and cumulative improvements in skin health and appearance over time with consistent use.
    • Botox and fillers deliver temporary, rapid, and noticeable results, often providing instant rejuvenation and enhancement of facial features.
  3. Approach to Treatment:

    • Antioxidants in topical skincare offer a noninvasive and preventative approach, suitable for individuals seeking to reduce the appearance of current and prevent future skin damage, resulting in healthier skin.
    • Botox and fillers offer a more accelerated approach to addressing specific concerns, ideal for individuals seeking immediate and visible improvements in their appearance.
Remember, there is more than just one approach to skincare. Whatever your choice, we want you to know you are a treasure to this world because there is only ONE YOU, and there is no one else you need to be! 
* If you think you may be depressed or struggling with social anxiety or stress, please seek the advice of a mental health expert. You may also follow this link: nationaldepressionhotline.org


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