Finding the right skincare routine for YU just got easier!

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DISCOVER YOUR SKIN PERSONA! What have YU and your skin been doing lately? Get matched to products and a simple routine immediately.

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For best results, DON’T SKIP this step. Swab the inside of your cheek. Send it to us. Learn about your skin’s tendencies and PROTECT YOUR FUTURE FACE.

3-step routine

Start using your professionally selected skincare routine created using innovative ingredient-rich indie brands.

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People say you have your mother’s eyes.
You may have her skin too!

Your DNA reveals factors that contribute to skin aging and overall health.

PROTECT YOUR FUTURE FACE and support it today when we match your DNA to ingredient-rich, effective products.

“Understanding the why and how something is happening provides a better roadmap to solving the problem. The answers to the why and how for our skin start with understanding its biology.”

~ Sejal Patel, Pharm MD, Founder Plantkos®

How will Yudoyu?

Goodbye, troubled skin and experimentation . . .
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Rebecca, Customer

The products chosen for me in my Yudoyu® quiz are amazing. The combination of the Aavrani Purifying Oil Cleanser and Firming Vitamin C Treatment really livened up my skin tone and helped heal my blemishes.…
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Kelsey Fraser, 34

I learned much from my DNA test, including that my skin is prone to hyperpigmentation due to a gene variation. After the birth of my son, I started to notice some discoloration. I thought it…
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Tanya Williams, 42

Yudoyu has helped me make BETTER purchasing choices for my super sensitive, combination skin. Now, my skin looks dewy soft, and bright instead of irritated and shiny.

Jennifer Molepske, 51

My skin looks better using the clean, effective products I’ve bought here. Yudoyu’s philosophy of individualized beauty resonates with me because I want to EMBRACE my age, skin, and who I am. The way I…
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