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Learn about our exciting partnership with Master Aesthetician Jillian Wright!

Jillian has been a highly sought-after NYC-based aesthetician for 20+ Years. She is noted nationally in the who’s who of aesthetic skin health and is an exceptionally passionate champion of Independent Beauty Brand Founders.

In 2015, Jillian co-founded Indie Beauty Media Group (IBMG), a groundbreaking initiative that has revolutionized the indie beauty industry. This platform was the most significant global exposition for indie beauty brands, and ecosystem support for the entrepreneurs behind them is a testament to Jillian’s visionary leadership and passion for innovation. 

Jillian’s passion for instilling skincare confidence brought her back to the facial suite in 2020 to serve clients, mentor young beauty entrepreneurs, and pursue her limitless curiosity for new and important skincare innovations.

In 2019, Jillian was honored with INNOCOS’s Emerging Leader of the Year Award, a prestigious recognition in the beauty industry. Her insights and expertise have been sought after by leading publications such as The New York Times, WWD, Well+Good, NewBeauty, and Hello Giggles, further solidifying her credibility and influence in the field.

Jillian’s undeniable passion for aesthetics has given her the creative liberty to offer advanced, non-surgical, non-invasive solutions for those seeking ultimate skin health. Learn about Jillian on her website.

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Why is Jillian passionate about Yudoyu Skin DNA?

Jillian was integral in helping us curate our brand partnerships and analyze product ingredients, matching them to our proprietary matrix to power the skin quiz and DNA analysis. 

During COVID, Yudoyu asked Jillian to consult us about matching skincare products with our new Skin DNA test. She was intrigued but had many questions. Would people be ready for it? Would they take a DNA test solely for their skin? How would we collect data for personal choice and experience? For it to work, the results would need an augmented approach with a comprehensive skin quiz and an intricate matrix that would emulate the diagnostic approach of professional aestheticians. Yudoyu was born, and so was our valuable relationship. 

Read Jillian’s thoughts on the promise of Yudoyu® Skin DNA science!

Why is Yudoyu’s matching system important?

Jillian believes that hard evidence = empowerment!

  1. The Yuodyu Skin Quiz is fun and guides you on your skincare journey. It recommends products based on what you experience with your skin every day, narrowing product choices so you don’t waste time and money.
  2. The Yudoyu Skin DNA testing helps you understand why your skin behaves as it does and allows users to make choices based on hard scientific evidence.
  3. Armed with indisputable hard data and partnered with your chosen dermatologist, facialist, or DIY at-home treatments, Yudoyu is a win-win!

Aging is a gift we should celebrate; however, you don’t have to age prematurely or feel lost or defeated. Let’s face it! You are spoiled for choice.  

Yudoyu Skin Dan Test

Smart choices = less waste = a happier wallet, planet, and you.