Young woman with dull broken out skin

1 in 2 people’s skin is predisposed to reduced free radical protection causing:

  • Increased cellular destruction
  • Premature cell death
  • Increased mitochondrial damage
  • Decreased antioxidant functioning
  • Decreased pollution defense

Gene Markers Responsible for Free Radical Defense

  • Superoxide Radical Defense
    Protects from oxidative damage and converts free radicals into less harmful products.

  • Glutathione Production
    Detoxifies hydrogen peroxide compounds and minimizes damage.

  • Pollution Defense
    Detoxifies environmental pollutants.

You might notice:

  • Rough skin texture

  • Uneven or dull and lifeless skin tone

  • Tired-looking appearance

  • Excessive dryness

  • Excessive oiliness

  • Blemishes

The good news is that simple lifestyle changes, and skincare products with antioxidant-rich ingredients can help protect, boost, and make your skin glow!