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Why Guess?

Yudoyu® allows skincare professionals to advance beyond the one-size-fits-all skincare recommendations.

The Yudoyu® Skincare DNA Test gives insights into how to best care for your clients’ current skin concerns and help mitigate future damage! No more wasting time and costs on products and treatments that are not right for their unique skin.

Yudoyu® has partnered with innovative brands to offer the best product formulations on the market. We have the flexibility to evolve our offerings as new skincare science emerges. We are constantly looking for brands that will attend to the intricacies of individual skincare needs.

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Our affiliate program is truly that easy.

Get started today and gain added confidence in skincare recommendations for your clients, and lower your inventory costs!

Professional Resources

Get Started by Downloading our Training Modules

Overview of Yudoyu Skin DNA Science and Introduction to Genetic Categories

Yudoyu Skin DNA Training Module 1

All about the Yudoyu Skin DNA Genetic Categories

Yudoyu Skin DNA Training Module 2