Yudoyu Skin DNA Test Directions

  • Register your test

    1. Register your test

    Scan the QR code inside the kit tube to register your test with the lab. Enter the code found on the bottom of your tube and the swab envelope. Enter your name, birth date, and email address. Then answer the questions about yourself and your skin. REGISTER NOW

  • Cotton Swab

    2. Prepare to swab

    After washing your hands, open the sterile swabs and remove one swab, taking care not to touch the tip.

  • Cheek Swab

    3. Collect your DNA

    Rub and rotate the swab tip back and forth on the inside of your cheek for a full 30 seconds (avoiding the gum area). Do this for all four swabs. Use two swabs for each cheek.

  • Insert swabs into sample collection envelope

    4. Seal the collected swabs

    Place each swab inside the DNA Sample Envelope, and seal it with tape (please do not lick the flap).

  • Mailing Envelope

    5. Mail your DNA to our lab

    Next, place the DNA sample envelope inside the stamped return envelope, seal it securely, and mail it to our lab.

  • Yudoyu DNA quiz

    6. Take the Yudoyu Skincare Quiz

    Your DNA is only part of your skin health. Non-genetic conditions like skin oils, skin barrier imbalances, normal aging, environment, and lifestyle also affect your skin. TAKE THE SURVEY

  • Email

    7. Receive your results and routine

    You will receive an email when your results are available in 2-3 weeks. Unlock your DNA report and personalized product recommendations by logging into your Yudoyu account. LOG IN NOW

Yudoyu Skin DNA Test