50 year old woman with leathered sun damaged skin

2 in 5 people have a genetic variation that decreases the skin’s UVA repair and its protection from sun-related free radicals.

Gene Markers Responsible for UVA Radiation and UVA Free Radical Repair

  • UVA Radiation

    Repairs genetic damage caused by UVA + Blue Light Radiation (the aging rays) exposure.

  • UVA Radical Protection
    Repairs DNA mutations caused by UV Ray induced oxidative stress.

You might notice:

  • Fine Lines and wrinkles

  • Thinning skin

  • Overly dark deep tans

  • Leathering of skin

  • Deep furrows or expression lines

The good news is that simple lifestyle changes, and skincare products with effective ingredients can help protect and even repair some damage due to sun exposure.