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Blüh Alchemy is one of our premier, effective, organic, botanical skincare lines at Yudoyu and we’d love for you to learn more about this unique brand!

What sets Bluh Alchemy apart from the rest?

As a brand owner who formulates every product, I am intimately involved in each step of the process. Our formulas contain some of the highest concentrations of organic, bioactive ingredients on the market and are handcrafted in small batches to maintain optimal quality and fresh vital energy. We utilize a curated selection of globally sourced, powerhouse ingredients chosen for their clinically proven results. My quest to find the most nutrient-dense ingredients brimming with vital bioactives led me across the globe to Australia and the world’s first Cellular Extracted botanicals. Unachieved before, this cutting-edge extraction process works to rapidly harness a plant’s complete phyto- active profile, pure, stable, and unadulterated as it exists in nature. The vital constituents of a plant are not damaged, unlike conventional methods that often overheat or leave plants stewing, rendering them less effective. This allows the full power of the plant bioactives to be delivered directly to your skin. Cellular Extraction is a game changer, accessing potent antioxidants from once thought impervious sources that far exceed industry benchmarks and ORAC values for vitamin E, Vitamin C, Green tea, Goji, and much more, as evidenced and backed by independent clinical studies carried out by Southern Cross University. Blüh Alchemy is proud to be the first skincare brand to bring these exceptional extracts to the U.S. Cellular Extraction redefines what can be achieved with natural ingredients and evolves natural product formulation- making Blüh Alchemy’s vision to deliver the most Advanced Bioactive Solutions an exciting reality.


What led you to formulate skincare? Your formulas are a rather unique blend of minimalist and advanced – how did you strike that balance?

My journey into the world of skincare formulation began in 2011 after my daughter was diagnosed with a rare, life-threatening vascular disease. Her treatment involved rounds of chemotherapy and a cocktail of aggressive drugs that left her skin dry and sensitive to the touch. Growing up in the hills of Western Massachusetts, my father was an avid naturalist, seasonally planting vibrant gardens overflowing with vegetables and an assortment of medicinal and culinary herbs. He instilled in me a deep appreciation for nature. To help support my daughter’s tender skin, my instinct was to return to my roots and begin to craft simple soothing balms from nourishing oils infused with the healing herbs we grew in our garden. I knew that in her fragile state I had to keep the formulas simple. Witnessing the transformative power of plants was both a relief and incredibly inspiring. This ignited a passion and an unstoppable drive in me to advance my skills as a cosmetic formulator and my understanding of the skin’s physiology.

In regards to striking a balance of minimal and advanced, my approach is always to formulate a product for the optimal health of your skin. I use nutrient-dense ingredients and actives that have been clinically proven for their targeted results and their ability to enhance and work synergistically with each other, without the use of fillers.


We all know that quality, effective ingredients are the essence of what makes good skincare. What are some of your favorites?

It’s very hard to choose a favorite ingredient but I will share with you some of the powerhouse bioactives that are at the core of our products. Kakadu Plum Cellular Extract found in our Multi C Serum, contains the highest known source of stable, bioavailable vitamin C, it activates collagen production and brightens skin tone.

Our Nocturnal Repair Active Emulsion features Chebula, an Ayurvedic medicinal herb. When used topically it has been clinically proven to be a powerful glycation inhibitor, free radical neutralizer, and oxidase enzyme inhibitor while preserving collagen 1 and 2.

Snowflower Cellular Extract is a favorite for its powerful UV absorbing properties and ability to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, which you can find in our Antioxidant Face Oil.

Mountain Pepper Leaf Cellular extract, is a potent antioxidant that has set new benchmarks on the global ORAC rating. It’s loaded with powerful phyto-actives including anthocyanin, chlorogenic acid, and flavone glycosides which work to neutralize free radicals and protect the skin from premature aging

Is there one product you are most proud of, or that has a unique “birthing” story?

I started working on our Multi C formula back in 2014. I wanted to create a serum with the highest level of vitamin C possible. I wanted to choose multiple sources of vitamin C in order to harness their unique profiles, thereby creating the ultimate efficacy for a C serum.  I dove deep into the world of botanically sourced vitamin C which felt like I was searching for the Holy Grail! This search led me to a study published by Southern Cross University in Australia on Cellular Extracted Kakudu Plum. It has been clinically proven to be stable for a year, which is unprecedented for an aqueous form of vitamin C, notorious for its loss of stability once exposed to air and light.

Blüh Alchemy Multi C Serum

Your enthusiasm about the Body Oil has got me “itching” to try it! Please tell me again the best way to use it, and the benefits of its key ingredients: Holy Basil, Copaiba and Hinoki. 

This potent treatment oil integrates cell-nourishing fatty acids, phytoceramides, and powerful antioxidants with herbs used in plant medicine for centuries. Methodically formulated to boost hydration, improve skin tone and bring soothing relief to overworked muscles. Copaiba Oleoresin, Hinoki, Arnica and Holy Basil contain potent anti-inflammatory and fortifying properties that support the overall health of your skin. This luxurious body oil absorbs quickly, leaving your skin silky-smooth and deeply nourished.

  • HOLY BASIL is an adaptogenic powerhouse, revered in Ayurvedic medicine for its ability to support the body’s response to stress.
  • COPAIBA OLEORESIN “makes your skin happy” due to high amounts of beta-caryophyllene, a molecule that engages the cannabinoid receptors in the skin and causes cells to produce beta-endorphin.
  • HINOKI WOOD OIL is distilled from a Japanese Cypress tree and considered sacred- used for centuries in Japan and revered for its medicinal properties. Its light, earthy scent promotes a sense of calm and relaxation
Blüh Alchemy Body Oil

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