Skin DNA ScienceSkincareTeresa after getting her DNA analysis and applying a recommended routine.



Quiz Skin Persona:

Combination Skin + Sensitive + Renew (Over 50) + Enlarged Pores


DNA Results:

  • Fine lines + Wrinkles: 67% AVERAGE – Medium Priority
  • Sun Protection: 100% IDEAL – Low Priority
  • Skin Sensitivity: 100% IDEAL – Low Priority
  • Skin Elasticity:  25% NON-IDEAL – High Priority
  • Pigmentation: 100% IDEAL – Low Priority
  • Collagen Quality: 75% IDEAL – Low Priority
  • Antioxidant Production: 90% IDEAL – Low Priority

Why Your DNA Report Makes a Difference

I thought I knew my skin when I took my Yudoyu Skincare Quiz. I could see redness and irritation – so I must have sensitive skin. I also wasn’t looking as firm as I used to, and I’m over 50, so I checked off that I have signs of aging. Looking closer at my skin and could see my pores looked more prominent than what I noticed on my friends’ faces, so I added that as a concern too. I wasn’t sure about my skin type, but I selected that I was oily in the T-zone and dry in other areas. I saw some small darker uneven areas – so I thought I might have hyperpigmentation too. In the end, I was pretty hard on my skin and myself.

The quiz gave me some recommendations and a personalized shop with products effective for my quiz answers: Sensitivity, Uneven Tone, Oily Skin, Signs of Aging, Larger Pores, and Puffy Eyes. Excited to pick out and try some of the beautiful products Yudoyu offers, I selected a routine for myself. You can see that story here.

Unfortunately, after a few weeks, my skin started feeling more oily and irritated and looked red again. And, YIKES… my pores started looking larger.


My Skincare Quiz Meets My DNA

I received my Yudoyu Skincare DNA analysis results in about 3-4 weeks. I was amazed to learn that overall my DNA says I have great genes for healthy skin and SHOULD NOT be experiencing issues with sensitivity (see results above).

So, what was causing the redness and irritation, I was experiencing?

Our Biochemist, Darcy, put it all together for me. Armed with the results from my Yudoyu Skincare Quiz and my DNA report, she created a routine to address what I was experiencing daily, PLUS my skin’s biology. Since I do not have a genetic reason for sensitive skin, she was able to eliminate that as an underlying factor and focus on the culprit of my skin concern… the diagnostic: combination skin, overactive pores, and poor elasticity.

To give some TLC to my overactive T-zone and enlarged pores, she recommended that I start with a toner rich in Witch Hazel to act as a natural, gentle astringent and reducer of redness and irritation, especially for those experiencing sensitivity.


“Witch Hazel is now my new best friend, and my skin is much improved.”


To help reduce redness and help with my DNA, HIGH PRIORITY category, ELASTICITY, Darcy added a serum high in Niacinamide which addressed both issues. Niacinamide also supports hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage and acts as an antioxidant, fighting free radicals.

To top off my routine, she recommended a moisturizer that would not clog my pores, address my Elasticity DNA category, act as an anti-inflammatory, and balance my combination skin.

My Main Takeaway?


“The Quiz OR the DNA analysis separately do not depict the most precise representation of my skin’s health. It takes the data collected from both to accurately create the best possible recommendations for your skincare routine!”

See My Skin Progression

Skin routine progression for Teresa

A: Photo after washing March 5, 2022

B: Noticed the reduced redness 2 months later, after double washing with my expert-created recommendations on July 9, 2022.

C: Toner, serum, and moisturizer immediately calm my skin after washing and the texture is smoother and glows.

D: Ready to FACE THE DAY with minimal foundation and eye make-up.

My favorite part. The pores on my nose and chin appear much smaller!

Studies report that enhancement of skin elasticity would be the fundamental strategy in the prevention of size and count of visible facial pores (fine and large) by the application of formulation containing natural compounds.


My Skincare Routine

From left to right:

Get your scientifically created skincare routine in just 3 easy steps!

BEGIN with the free quiz, ORDER and SEND IN your DNA test swab, and FOLLOW your routine selected from brands using only the most highly-effective ingredients for YOUR SKIN concerns.

Embrace your face!

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