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    With so many choices on the market,
    which skincare products are best for me?

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    Do I have skin sensitivity?

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    Which professional treatments should I do?

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    How do I “future-proof” my skin?
    …and more!

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5 Crucial Skin Health Categories

  • Glycation

    Glycation (Fine Lines & Wrinkles)

    Identify your body’s ability to break down glucose.  Excessive glucose storage is related to glycation-induced wrinkles.

  • Pigmentation + Sun Protection

    Pigmentation + Sun Protection

    UV exposure accounts for nearly 90% of premature skin aging. Identify your skin’s solar protection factors responsible for melanin production, pigmentation, blood vessel changes (broken capillaries), age, and brown spots.

  • Sensitivity

    Skin Sensitivity

    “Trigger” genes may lead to skin sensitivity issues caused by topical ingredients, perfumes, diet, or environmental factors.

  • Collagen + Elasticity

    Collagen Breakdown

    Collagen makes up 70% of your skin.  Identify genetic traits associated with accelerated collagen loss – that can lead to premature skin laxity, poor wound healing, and a decline in the health and appearance of your skin.

  • Antioxidants

    Antioxidant Support

    Free radicals can damage the important cells found in our skin. Identify your skin’s natural defenses against free radicals, toxins, and pollutants.