Testament Skincare


High quality, effective, clean and garden-grown beauty featuring natural ingredients for naturally glowing, hydrated, bright skin.

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  • 100% VEGAN

Great support options for:

  • Antioxidant Support

  • Collagen Support 

  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles Support

  • Hyperpigmentation Correction

  • Elasticity Support

  • Pore Refining Solutions

Meet the Founder

Sophia Chabbott, Founder
Sophia Chabbot, Founder

Sophia Chabott

Throughout her 15-plus years as an editor at publications like WWD and Glamour, Sophia Chabott developed a passion for skincare. Despite her busy schedule, she always explored the latest products, engaged with other editors, and researched ingredients and formulas. She became obsessed with skincare, desiring healthy-looking skin without any gimmicks.

Despite having access to a wide range of products with rare and exotic ingredients, Sophia found herself searching for something different. She wanted skincare products with familiar ingredients that she could easily understand and perhaps even find in her kitchen or garden. This led her to a realization: she desired a skincare regimen inspired by the Mediterranean diet, using loads of antioxidants and simple, effective, and pleasurable-to-use clinical actives.

Testament Beauty prioritizes familiar ingredients over rare ones in its formulations. It utilizes easily accessible garden-grown ingredients that are often overlooked, such as oregano to reduce redness, peppermint to cool, and lavender to soothe and hydrate. These ingredients are readily available and grow across various regions.

Drawing from her family roots in Spain, Syria, and Turkey, Sophia incorporates ingredients like pomegranate, grapes, olives, parsley, and thyme into Testament Beauty. These ingredients, known for growing in the Mediterranean region, are accessible worldwide. Sophia even has a pomegranate tree blooming in her home!

Sophia’s grandmother, Frieda, used to send her to the garden to pick grape leaves for a signature dish. Sophia aims to infuse Testament Beauty with the warmth and love from her upbringing. Her goal is to offer effective products that prioritize value and provide moments of self-care through delightful aromas, textures, and results.

In addition to being an accomplished gardener and cook, Grandma Frieda used kitchen and garden ingredients in her skincare routine, from blending different oils for bath and body to using rosewater as an essence. She intuitively recognized the potential of these accessible, garden-grown ingredients.

Sophia spent most of her media career as a fashion and beauty reporter, interviewing industry leaders and up-and-coming talent. She believes being a good listener and understanding the stories behind successes and failures has greatly influenced her. The individuals she has met continue to inspire and mentor her as an entrepreneur.