Three brands are about to receive big-time education on the fundraising process.

PlantkosNature of Things and Chris Collins have been selected for the second cohort of Bridge Mentorship, a program created by True Beauty Ventures, an early-stage beauty- and wellness-focused investment firm with Crown Affair, Aquis, K18, Maude, Kinship, Moon Juice and Cay Skin in its portfolio, in partnership with Beauty Independent. They were picked from over 100 applicants to participate in the program.

Cristina Nuñez, co-founder and general partner of TBV, says narrowing the applicant pool to just three brands was extremely challenging, especially as the program is reaching a broader swath of brands in the beauty and wellness space. Speaking of Nature of Things in particular, she shares its stunning aesthetic, leaders, and assortment bridging topical beauty products and ingestibles drew her to it. “We strongly believe that that intersection of beauty and wellness is really the future of the sector,” says Nuñez.