TESTAMENT Damascena Rose De-Stress Moisturizer

1.7 fl oz BEST FOR:  NORMAL  |  OILY  |  DRY  |  COMBINATIONSAFE FOR:  ACNE This lightweight emulsion is the ideal daily moisturizer, providing deep hydration while imparting a luminous radiance. Isparta, Turkey’s renowned Damascena Rose is celebrated for its ability to minimize the effects of stress on the skin, resulting in a brighter, more radiant complexion.

GLOWBIOTICS Probiotic Ultra Rich Brightening Cream

1.7 fl oz BEST FOR:  DRY This intensively hydrating and regenerative probiotic-infused brightening cream is saturated with antioxidants and brightening ingredients to promote healthier, hydrated, and brighter skin. The combination of minerals and pigment-diminishing actives help the skin barrier while enhancing clarity and brightness in aging skin.

WHISH Botanical Primer with Bakuchiol

 Prepare your complexion for makeup application with this all-in-one primer. Containing botanicals and Bakuchiol, this primer helps reduce the appearance of pores, even out skin tone, and leave skin feeling hydrated with a dewy and luminous glow. Bakuchiol has the same anti-aging benefits of retinol, such as diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles…

EARTH HARBOR Mermaid Milk Nutrient Glow Moisturizer

BEST FOR:  PORES  |  NORMAL |  OILY  |  DRY  |  COMBINATIONSAFE FOR:  ACNE  |  SENSITIVE SKIN A purely plant-derived, replenishing moisturizer that hydrates and balances skin while giving you a mermaid glow. This lightweight, creamy formula is packed with Superfoods Spirulina & Matcha, along with concentrated Phytonutrients + Antioxidants + Vegan Hyaluronic Acid that perfectly moisturize, soothe and…

AAVRANI Minimalist Ritual Set

This minimalist set allows for an uncomplicated skincare routine, enabling users to perform four fundamental steps – cleansing, treating, toning, and hydrating – that maximize skin health. Includes Purifying Oil Cleanser (3.4 fl. oz), Glow Activating Exfoliator (1.7 oz), Balance Restoring Serum (1.7 fl. oz), and Moisturizing Hydra-Cream (1.7 fl. oz).

AAVRANI Moisturizing Hydra-Cream

BEST FOR: NORMAL |  OILY  |  COMBINATIONSAFE FOR: ACNE This oil-free daily moisturizer hydrates, nourishes, and visibly plumps the skin. Formulated with Lychee Fruit, Tamarind Seed, and Moringa Leaf, it provides immediate and long-term hydration while Hyaluronic Acid and Squalane help lock in moisture and minimize the look of fine lines for a healthy, glowing complexion.

SIMPURE Beauty Bundle

Buy this beauty bundle and save! Try multiple facial products at the same time with this set. Includes: 15mL Rejuvenating Liquid Gold Facial Oil 1.7oz Vitamin C Moisturizer 2.4oz Pumpkin Mask + a FREE Silicone Spatula ($12 value) Unscented Liquid Gold & Unscented Vitamin C moisturizer is an option as well, please choose which one you prefer. …

SIMPURE Smooth & Clear Cream + B3†

5.1 fl oz BEST FOR:  ACNE-PRONE  |  PORES  |  OILY  |  COMBINATIONSAFE FOR:  ACNE  | SENSITIVE SKIN Gentle but effective, our plant-based formula balances 2% Salicylic and Azelaic acid to give your pores a deep clean with every wash. Clear up blemishes and reveal clearer, more radiant skin.

SIMPURE Fade Away Cream

1.7 fl oz BEST FOR:  PORES  |  NORMAL  |  OILY  |  DRY  |  COMBINATIONSAFE FOR:  ACNE SIMPURE Fade Away Cream is the ideal solution for reducing melanin, blocking pigment and lightening skin in 10 days or less. Not only does this cream reduce dark spots, melasma, freckles, pigment, chloasma, red spots, and blemish scars, but it also effectively…