TESTAMENT Damascena Rose De-Stress Moisturizer

1.7 fl oz BEST FOR:  NORMAL  |  OILY  |  DRY  |  COMBINATIONSAFE FOR:  ACNE This lightweight emulsion is the ideal daily moisturizer, providing deep hydration while imparting a luminous radiance. Isparta, Turkey’s renowned Damascena Rose is celebrated for its ability to minimize the effects of stress on the skin, resulting in a brighter, more radiant complexion.

GLOWBIOTICS Probiotic Volcanic and Enzyme Polish

2 fl oz BEST FOR:  ACNE-PRONE  |  PORES  |  OILY  |  COMBINATIONSAFE FOR:  ACNE A unique blend of physical, enzymatic and AHA ingredients with probiotics exfoliate the skin while balancing its microbiome. Volcanic Sand clears pores and detoxifies, while Malic Acid and Sweet Potato enzymes soften dehydrated skin. Skin is left softer, more luminous and radiant…

FREE + TRUE Raw + Wild Illuminating Honey Mask

 1.7 fl oz BEST FOR:  PORES  |  NORMAL  |  OILY  |  COMBINATIONSAFE FOR:  ACNE Crafted with raw honey, botanicals and fruit enzymes, this illuminating face mask honors Bees, inspired by their Bay Area ecosystems. Featuring regional raw honey, lavender, rosemary, marigold, kaolin clay, fruit enzymes and pearl extract, it detoxifies, brightens and boosts elasticity, perfect for…

GLOWBIOTICS Retinol Anti-Aging + Brightening Treatment

1 fl oz BEST FOR:  ACNE-PRONE  |  PORES  |  NORMAL  |  OILY  |  DRY  |  COMBINATIONSAFE FOR:  ACNE Non-irritating Bioactive Retinoid Complex firms, tightens & brightens skin without dryness & sensitivity. Soften fine lines, wrinkles & sun damage with Pigment Balancing Complex. Encourage a healthier, youthful glow with probiotics & healthy skin care.

GLOWBIOTICS Advanced Retinol Renewal Treatment

1 fl oz BEST FOR:  ACNE-PRONE  |  PORES  |  NORMAL  |  OILY  |  DRY  |  COMBINATIONSAFE FOR:  ACNE This advanced treatment furnishes your skin with a potent combination of Smart Retinoid Complex and Smart Biometric Peptides, facilitating cell regeneration to combat the visible effects of aging. This formula diminishes the look of wrinkles and fine lines and reduces…

SIMPURE Organic Body Wash | Aloe

8 fl oz Our organic, ultra-hydrating body wash is suitable for any skin type, adding moisture with its three different aromas: Fresh Persian Lime AHA for a refreshing clean, Eucalyptus and Peppermint for a spa-like feeling, and Warm Sandalwood for a subtle, spicy blend popular with men and women alike. Enjoy the beautiful fragrances from…

SIMPURE Organic Body Cream

8 oz This natural and organic body cream provides long-lasting hydration without leaving your skin feeling sticky or greasy. Crafted with ingredients your body knows and loves, choose from two varieties: Tranquility, a citrus-forward blend with a subtle warm finish, or Unscented for the purist preference. You can also add your favorite essential oil to…

SIMPURE All-Natural Bug Repellant

This bug repellant’s natural scent is pleasant to humans and off-putting to pests. No DEET, no chemical additives, and no preservatives. It is guaranteed safe for children and pets! Proven to be effective against mosquitos, spiders, ants, and flies!

AAVRANI Healing Rose Clay Mask

BEST FOR: PORES  |  NORMAL |  OILY  |  COMBINATIONSAFE FOR: ACNE  |  SENSITIVE SKIN This intensely healing face mask draws out environmental pollutants and toxins, repairs damaged skin, and increases skin suppleness. Sourced from Bulgaria, this rose oil alleviates discomfort and is demonstrated to reduce rosacea. Each jar is packed with 6,000 petals from distilling roses!