PLANTKOS Phyto Replenishing Facial Essence

3.3 fl oz  BEST FOR:  NORMAL  |  OILY  |  COMBINATIONSAFE FOR:  ACNE  | SENSITIVE SKIN Mist skin with this featherlight essence for balanced hydration. A blend of rose water, chamomile, licorice root, probiotic ferment, and micronutrients calms inflammation, replenishes & refines skin, and strengthens its barrier. Keep skin luminous and hydrated with a few mists.

PLANTKOS Phyto A Face Lotion

1.6 fl oz BEST FOR:  PORES  |  NORMAL  |  DRYSAFE FOR:  SENSITIVE SKIN Intensely hydrate, brighten, firm, and balance skin’s sebum production with this nourishing moisturizer. Our proprietary Phytomedicinal Complex with clinical actives and Ayurvedic herbs improves skin health. Licorice and niacinamide reduce hyperpigmentation, saccharide isomerate boosts skin barrier function, adaptogens like turmeric, ashwagandha, and Gotu…