SIMPURE Vitality Aromatherapy Spray

4 fl oz This combination of leaf extracts takes you on an aromatic journey to a spa-like experience. Get the benefits of aromatherapy with just a few sprays in your room, yoga mat or before you step in the shower. SIMPURE Vitality Aromatherapy Spray is carefully balanced with essential oils, witch hazel and water –…

SIMPURE Protect Oil Roller Blend

This Essential Oil Roller deliver the aromatic scents of 6 distinctive Essential oil Blends and a convenient applicator. Keep one in your purse, vehicle, or nightstand to access the benefits wherever you go! PROTECT yourself by using this blend while traveling, while in school, or when the cold season hits.

SIMPURE Peace Oil Blend Roller

Our carefully crafted blend of oils provides a sense of spaciousness and stability, helping to establish a sense of calm and equilibrium. Peace Oil Blend Roller is designed to offer comfort and balance, creating the ideal atmosphere for restful sleep. 

SIMPURE Motivate Aromatherapy Spray

4 fl oz MOTIVATE Aromatherapy Blend combines sweet, late season Grapefruit & Peppermint leaf Essential oils for a balancing and uplifting effect. No chemicals are added, and it can be used anywhere – the gym, yoga class or even at home as a body or linen spray. The Grapefruit delivers a sweet aroma with Peppermint…

SIMPURE Clarity Oil Roller Blend

SIMPURE Clarity Oil Roller Blend provides a sense of tranquility combined with increased focus when applied to the temples, neck, and wrists. Juniper and fennel evoke a pleasant scent while aiding concentration, and sandalwood delivers pleasantly aromatic undertones. Additionally, a small measure of peppermint oil adds a tingling sensation to areas of application, resulting in…