I learned much from my DNA test, including that my skin is prone to hyperpigmentation due to a gene variation. After the birth of my son, I started to notice some discoloration. I thought it would fade away, but it didn’t. Now, I know about ingredients, products, and even recipes I can use to improve the appearance of uneven pigmentation. I can also take steps to PREVENT new brown spots from occurring in the future!

Kelsey Fraser, 34

Yudoyu has helped me make BETTER purchasing choices for my super sensitive, combination skin. Now, my skin looks dewy soft, and bright instead of irritated and shiny.

Indian woman with glasses
Tanya Williams, 42

My skin looks better using the clean, effective products I’ve bought here. Yudoyu’s philosophy of individualized beauty resonates with me because I want to EMBRACE my age, skin, and who I am. The way I look is JUST RIGHT for me! Plus… I feel like I’m helping the world (just a little bit) by supporting a marketplace that allows independent entrepreneurs to get their great products noticed.

Jennifer molepske
Jennifer Molepske, 51

“Fantastic, I love that this is my body telling me what products are best for keeping my skin healthy.”

Hispanic woman with the lake behind her smiling
Christine Gonzalez, Mom and E-education Expert, Chicago

“My analysis revealed important things I did not know about my skin. Finally, something that considers both my biology and the hot and cold Chicago weather.”

Smiling black woman with short hair
Willie Height, Retired Professional

“Wow, this analysis is easy and has saved valuable time in my hectic schedule. I don’t have time to shop for skincare, let alone do in-depth research and read oodles of labels to find the RIGHT combination of products for me. Plus, my skin has been greatly improved.”

Customer Saving Time
Chris Duper, Social Worker