Why guess when you can KNOW what is right for YOUR skin.

How can you combat the symptoms of premature aging?

  1. The multitude of brands and products in the ever-expanding skincare landscape is overwhelming.
  2. Seeking professional advice and treatments without KNOWING your skin biology is scary.
  3. The cost and waste of GUESSING can be VERY expensive, and making unknowledgeable choices can disrupt your skin barrier, causing irritation and texture issues. An unhealthy cycle for your skin.
“One of my favorite things about Yudoyu, is the ability to TRULY KNOW what I need to do for my skin to prevent earlier than necessary signs of aging. I want to own my age, KNOW I am beautiful, and feel confident through the decades.”
~ Teresa Smith, 56 years old, Yudoyu founder

Your DNA tells the story of your skin.

Yudoyu Skin DNA offers a straightforward, less-invasive, and more affordable approach to proactive aging.


Glycation Wrinkling

My Skin DNA test told me I had a genetic variation that could increase my risk for glucose-related fine lines and wrinkles. I received suggestions for lifestyle changes to reduce risk and topical ingredients, treatments, and dietary supplements to offset this genetic “weak spot.”

Collagen + Elasticity

Collagen Variations

Double whammy! My skin DNA test told me that although I scored well for retaining collagen (mine does not break down easily – Yay!), I am at a HIGHER RISK for low collagen formation. Protecting the collagen I still have is VERY important.


I scored a LOWER RISK for the other 4 skin health categories: Pigmentation, UV Damage, Free Radicals, and Sensitivity. These areas are STILL important to me, but my focus is on my MEDIUM or HIGHER RISK areas.

The Yudoyu Skin DNA test reveals your skincare fingerprint.

Armed with dietary and lifestyle marching orders, DIY at-home tips, and skincare treatment and tool suggestions, I can be proactive with my skin’s health and protect it for the future. 

“Glowy skin is ultimately the reflection of a healthy lifestyle and KNOWING what ingredients and products to put on your skin.”
~ Teresa

The skin quiz tells us how your skin is feeling.

I felt like my skin was oily in some areas and dry in others. I also felt skin sensitivity resulting from my larger pores, poor collagen formation, and product experimentation.

Skincare Round-up

Combination, Sensitive Skin with an increased risk for Glycation + Collagen Breakdown

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Facial Oil

Eye Correction

The Power of Knowing!

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