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Stefan Mazy, CEO / Founder of SkinDNA & DermR Health Solutions

Stefan Mazy, Founder of SkinDNA® Explains the Science

As the pioneer behind SkinDNA® testing technology, Stefan Mazy has been at the forefront of the industry since its conception in 2008. Using proprietary algorithms and world-class technologies, his technology is responsible for powering more than 70 percent of the world’s beauty brands’ DNA technology, including our very own Yudoyu Skincare DNA Analysis. As the…

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woman face portrait with graphic icons of vitamins and minerals for skin treatment

Your DNA Tells Your Skin’s Story

Understanding our skin is hard – period. No matter how many relatives we ask, magnifying mirrors we invest in, or +10 step skincare routines we embark on, sometimes getting to the bottom of it all can still feel like wandering alone endlessly and aimlessly throughout a maze of confusion and disconnect. As certified skincare guides,…

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Plantkos Qualifies for True Beauty Venture’s Mentorship Program

Three brands are about to receive big-time education on the fundraising process. Plantkos, Nature of Things and Chris Collins have been selected for the second cohort of Bridge Mentorship, a program created by True Beauty Ventures, an early-stage beauty- and wellness-focused investment firm with Crown Affair, Aquis, K18, Maude, Kinship, Moon Juice and Cay Skin in its portfolio, in partnership…

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Hailey Beiber Tries Strange Bird Skincare

Celebrity Skincare Sighting! ~ Hailey Rhode Bieber dishes about Strange Bird

Yudoyu is proud to have recently added Strange Bird Beauty to our select skincare offerings. Fitting into our mission to embrace your individual beauty so well… Tina Chow Rudolf’s creation challenges you to be your own STRANGE BIRD: “One who unapologetically puts themselves (and their skin) first, therefore radiating an extraordinary glow.” Find out why…

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Summer SUN SUPPORT for every fabulous face!

Summer is in full swing, days are longer, and hopefully, you’re spending more time outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Being outdoors is so good for our mental health and physical wellbeing, and for many (including me), any time spent near water calms anxiety almost instantly. But, as a fair-skinned redhead, protecting my skin…

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YEESSS! What THEY said…

Tanya Williams, 42

Yudoyu has helped me make BETTER purchasing choices for my super sensitive, combination skin. Now, my skin looks dewy soft, and bright instead of irritated and shiny.

Christine Gonzalez, Mom and E-education Expert, Chicago

“Fantastic, I love that this is my body telling me what products are best for keeping my skin healthy.”

Samantha Roberts, Master Aesthetician

“This is a very exciting concept for addressing skin concerns, a little investment can tell you so much about why your skin behaves the way it does, and how it will behave in the future.”

Maya Crothers, Founder, Circcell Skincare

“Yudoyu is changing the way people shop for skincare. Clear and concise recommendations based on someone’s DNA coupled with their lifestyle will take the guesswork out of picking products. It’s empowering.“

Kelsey Fraser, 34

I learned much from my DNA test, including that my skin is prone to hyperpigmentation due to a gene variation. After the birth of my son, I started to notice some discoloration. I thought it would fade away, but it didn’t. Now, I know about ingredients, products, and even recipes I can use to improve…

Julie Keller Callaghan, Co-Founder of Well Defined

“Most people are unsure of their skin’s needs, this is a great way to be educated about what will REALLY help your skin.”

Chris Duper, Social Worker

“Wow, this analysis is easy and has saved valuable time in my hectic schedule. I don’t have time to shop for skincare, let alone do in-depth research and read oodles of labels to find the RIGHT combination of products for me. Plus, my skin has been greatly improved.”

Brandon, Director for a Global Ingredient Manufacturer

“I really like that Yudoyu simplifies making product decisions using real data vs. claims.”

Stefan Mazy, Founder of SkinDNA®

“Your DNA is responsible for around 50% of the way your skin will age – the rest is up to you. If you are eager to understand what role your genetics will play in your skin health, the 99% accurate, Yudoyu DNA test is the ideal place to start.”

Sejal Patel, PharMD, Founder & CEO, Plantkos®

A targeted approach ultimately leads to better outcomes, and that’s what we want to do in skincare! Understanding the why and how something is happening provides a better roadmap to solving the problem. The answers to the why and how of our skin start with understanding its biology. Our skin’s biology allows us to understand…